Lens Production

Safety lens material with high impact resistance


Changes colour / turns dark with UV exposure

Colour / Tinted

Tinted lenses add colour and shade protection

Prescription lenses

Multi-focal addition lenses for far and near vision

Our Product Range

Solar Skyline offers a wide range of optical products and services. Our laboratory specializes in custom RX orders and premium lenses such as polycarbonate, photochromic, tinted and progressives.

Vision-ease lens worldwide

Polycarbonate Safety lenses by Visionease USA

Visionease lens is the recognised worlwide leader in polycabonate lenses. The company produces the clearest, most distortion free polycarbonate lenses in the optical industry and offer full line of polycarbonate lenses that fill the quality, price and visual needs.

Polycarbonate offers unmatched benefits:
  • High Impact resistance
  • Thinner & Lighter
  • 100% UV Protection
Range of Polycarbonate
  • Polycarbonate Single Vision Stock
  • Polycarbonate Tinted series
  • Polycarbonate Polarized
  • Polycarbonate Photogrey
  • Polycarbonate FreeForm Progressive
  • Polycarbonate Bifocal
Photochromic technology

Photochromic / Photogrey Series

  • Photogrey Stock in Various Index
  • Free Form Photogrey Progressive in Various Index
  • Special Tinted Photogrey Series for Day & Night wear
Celebrities wear tinted eyewear

Colour / Tinted and Sunglass Series

Tinted lenses are great for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes or anyone who wants to brighten up their life style. It is also very stylish and fashionable. In addition to make you environment appear brighter, it can reduce glare, improve contrast and enhance depth perception.

Solar Skyline provides all types of special colors from 1 tone, 2 tones, gradient, sunglass dark tones, mix and match colors.

Colour Lens Range

  • Many colours available
  • Mix and match colors / different combination
  • Available in 1-tone, 2-tone or gradient tones

Sun lens Range

  • Tinted Sunglasses up to 75% Dark
  • Polarized Anti-Glare Features Available
  • Mirror Coating Available
Sunlens tint shade - Solar Skyline
Optimus progressive free form lenses

Progressive Addition Lenses with Optimus FreeForm Technology

  • Free Form Progressive clear lenses with Index 1.56, 1.6, 1.67 and polycarbonate
  • Free Form Progressive Photogrey lenses with Index 1.56, 1.67 and polycarbonate
  • Free Form Progressive Polarized with Index 1.56 and polycarbonate

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